IM600 & IM600XL

Introducing the smallest,
most productive,
most versatile

Ice and Water Vending Machines ever built – the IM600 & IM600XL!

The IM600 ice vending machine is a uniquely versatile ice and water machine that was designed to go inside your business location, outside your business location, or even stands alone in a car park. It offers owners multiple ways to configure the ice vending machine so that it can be individually tailored in the way that will best suit your business; from multiple payment options to including a water vending option (the IM600XL) from the same machine!

Machine Features...

  • Your choice of (4) Scotsman Ice Makers
  • High Strength, Corrosion Free, Aluminum
  • Food Grade Insulated Plastic Bin
  • 240 Volt Single Phase Power, 32 Amp
  • ½” Water Supply & Drainage Lines
  • Easy Bag Changing System Holds 375 Bags
  • Eye Catching High Gloss Lexan Graphics
  • Siemens Electronic Cellular Modem
  • MEI Bill Cartridge
  • Ice Talk 4000 Communication System
  • Dispenses one 4.5kg Bag of Ice
  • Adjustable Vend Rate – You Set the Price
  • Unique Bag Tracking System
  • User Friendly & Compact Design
  • Optional Canopy
  • Optional Cold Weather Package
  • Optional Credit Card Reader
  • Optional Lighting Package

Machine Options

  • Water Vending Filtration System – IM600XL
  • Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System – IM600XL or IM600
  • ePort Credit Card Reader
  • No Vending – Button Only Option
  • Cold Weather Package for Ice Maker
  • Lighting Kit.
  • One Vend Coupons
  • Canopy

Machine Specifications

  • Owners have a choice of four Scotsman Prodigy ice makers to tailor the machine to your individual production requirements:
    Model Bags Per Day Product Recommendations
    C0630* 40-45 Lower
    C1030 60-65 Moderate
    C1448 70-75 Medium
    C1848 80-85 High
  • *C0630 production estimates are based on indoor operation.
  • Frame is constructed with high strength, corrosion-free Aluminum Alloy.
  • Insulated Storage Bin which is made from food grade, molded plastic.
  • Units require no refrigeration.
  • Adjustable Vend Rate which allows Owners to set and change pricing.
  • Includes “Smart” Features” like automatic notification if machine runs out of ice or bags.
  • Easy change water filter (Replacement is recommended every 6 months)
  • Machine Dimensions: 1.4m (600) 1.8m (600XL) Wide (Front) x 1.0m Deep (Both) x 2.9m Tall (B0th) With Canopy
  • Bin Storage Capacity: between 240kg and 260kg of ice depending on the ice maker selected.
  • Bag Holder Capacity: 350 bags with an easy bag changing system.
  • 240V – Single Phase Electric with 32 amp Service
  • ¾” Water Supply Line with 2” Drainage Line
  • Environmentally friendly because ice is made on-site and on-demand