Our Manufacturing

Building a quality product is not a GOAL.

Our philosophy is simple, “Do it right the first time!”

We have trained and developed a high-quality work force that is passionate about ice machine manufacturing and creating the best machine possible. Utilizing lean manufacturing principals, we are committed and empowered in our manufacturing and quality control processes.

Our 45,000 sq ft manufacturing facility in Byron, GA

Kooler Ice… Quality Every Step of the Way

Kooler Ice practices quality in each step of the ice machine manufacturing process by providing our employees with documented work instructions to ensure that each part is assembled exactly the same on every machine, every time!

Before shipping, we test every machine against a 100+ point process verification checklist to ensure your machine is operating properly before it is installed.

Our machines are delivered on time and put into service immediately by a trained professional who will help familiarize you with the machine, its operation, and service.

We invite all of our prospective owners/customers to visit our ice machine manufacturing plant to see how…

Kooler Ice builds quality into every machine – Every Time!

Check Out Our US Plant & Some Great Local Commercials !

Kooler Ice Plant Tour

Take a look inside the world’s leading ice vending manufacturing facility! Kooler Ice has over 1,200 ice vending machines in 42 states, Canada, the Bahamas, Martinique and Australia. This 45,000sqft facility is located in Byron, GA, home of the fastest growing ice vending business!

Kooler Ice Vending Machines - IM600XL vs. IM1000

Get an inside look at Kooler Ice’s IM600XL and the IM1000 Series II Ice and Water Vending Machines. Kooler Ice has sold over 500 of these two models throughout the U.S., Canada, Australia, and the Caribbean. Whether you are looking for a smaller retail unit or stand alone unit with more production and visibility, these two models are packed with features and designed to handle any environment!