The IM1000 ice vending machine combines outstanding style with production and technology providing business owners with an eye-catching, ice vending machine that automatically makes, stores, bags and dispenses a 4kg bag of fresh ice – on demand – quickly and conveniently!

Accessible and convenient to your customers, the IM1000 earns income for your business 24 hours a day, even when your business is closed and without an attendant!

Machine Features...

  • Water Vending: Filtered Water or RO (Reverse Osmosis) System dispensed in 15lits or 19lits vends.
  • Credit Card Reader: Researchers say that over 60% of Customers use a credit card for all of their retail purchases. This option offers an additional “convenience factor”.
  • Heating Unit: Recommended for units that will be located in areas where temperatures can go below freezing on occasion, or regularly.
  • Double Vend Button: Allows the machine to offer the option of vending (2) bags of ice as a single vend by pressing the button for the double vend option.
  • Coupons: Provides retailers the ability to run promotions and give away free bags of ice.

Machine Options

  • Reverse Osmosis Filtration System
  • Canopy
  • EPort Credit Card Reader
  • Lighting Kit.
  • One Vend Coupons

Machine Specifications

  • Includes “Smart” Features” like automatic notification if machine runs out of ice or bags.
  • Easy change water filter (Replacement is recommended every 6 months)
  • Machine Dimensions: 1.4m Wide (Front) x 1.7m Deep (w/Trough) x 3.3 Tall With Canopy
  • Bin Storage Capacity: 380kg depending on the ice maker selected.
  • Bag Holder Capacity: 350 bags with an easy bag changing system.
  • 240V – Single Phase Electric with 32 amp Service
  • Owners have a choice of two Scotsman Prodigy ice makers: The C1448 or the C1848.
  • Machine Features Backlit front Lexan with Graphics.
  • Frame is constructed with high strength, corrosion-free Aluminum Alloy
  • Insulated Storage Bin which is made from food grade, molded plastic.
  • Units require no refrigeration.
  • Adjustable Vend Rate which allows Owners to set and change pricing.
  • ¾” Water Supply Line with 2” Drainage Line