IM2500 Series II

IM2500 Series II

The IM2500 Series II ice vending machine keeps production high – and machine costs low!
The Kooler Ice IM2500 Series II is our largest and most productive ice vending machine yet, and it is quickly becoming our top selling model!

The IM2500 Series II, like our other Kooler Ice Vending machine models, offers owners outstanding style, technology, and features that are sure to attract the consumer’s attention and make your business rewarding and profitable! After watching other manufacturers develop large, complex, and operationally expensive ice vending machines, Kooler Ice set out to design a highly productive, user-friendly, cos- efficient machine at a significantly lower price than the other machines on the market!

Machine Features...

  • Features one Scotsman C1848 Prodigy Ice Maker (Rated at 850kg of Ice in 24 Hours)
  • Additional Icemakers May be Added to Increase Production
  • Insulated Bin – Requires No Refrigeration
  • 1040kg Ice Storage Capability with 1 – C1848
  • 1270kg Ice Storage Capability with 2+ – C1848’s
  • 240 Volt Single Phase Power, 32 Amp Service
  • 3/4” Water Supply Line with 2” Drain-line
  • High Strength, Corrosion Free, Aluminum Alloy Frame
  • ICETALK 4000 Communication System
  • Siemens Electronics and Cellular Modem
  • Eye-Catching High Gloss Lexan Graphics
  • Compact Design with Easy Access to All Components
  • Easy Bag Changing System – Holds up to 500 Bags
  • Unique Bag Tracking System for Consumer Safety
  • Adjustable Vend Rate (from $.05 to $99.95)
  • MEI Extended Bill Cartridge – Holds up to 750 Bills
  • Multiple Volume Vending Options – 4.5kg to 7kg multi bag vend buttons available

Machine Options

  • Optional 2nd, 3rd or 4th Ice Maker
  • Filtered or Reverse Osmosis Water Vending Station
  • ePort Credit Card Reader
  • Lighting Kit.
  • One Vend Coupons

Machine Specifications

  • Features one Scotsman C1848 Prodigy Ice Maker (Rated at 850kg of Ice in 24 Hours)
  • Frame is constructed with high strength, corrosion-free Aluminum Alloy
  • Insulated Storage Bin which is made from food grade, molded plastic.
  • Units require no refrigeration.
  • Adjustable Vend Rate which allows Owners to set and change pricing.
  • Includes “Smart” Features” like automatic notification if machine runs out of ice or bags.
  • Easy change water filter (Replacement is recommended every 6 months)
  • Machine Dimensions: 2.2m Wide (Front) x 2.8m Deep (w/Trough) x 3.6m Tall With Canopy
  • Bin Storage Capacity: 1200kgs depending on the ice maker selected.
  • Bag Holder Capacity: Up to 500 bags with an easy bag changing system.
  • MEI Extended Note Cartridge – Holds up to 750 Notes
  • 240V – Single Phase Electric with 32 amp Service
  • ¾” Water Supply Line with 2” Drainage Line