TAC’S Of Sale


The sale of the items described above is conditional on the following:

  1. A deposit of not less than 10% of the invoice total, or some lesser amount as agreedto in writing by Kooler Ice Australia, is payable upon the acceptance of the quotation, such acceptance signified by the signing, dating and return of the form.
  2. Full and complete payment of the outstanding balance of the Invoice is required prior to shipment of the goods from our site.
  3. Title to the goods does not pass, and Kooler Ice Australia has not performed under the contract until the goods are fully paid for and leave our premises en route to the customer’s site for installation.
  4. Kooler Ice Australia will not be held responsible for delays in shipping, any force majeur or event outside its control, which delays or otherwise impacts on its capacity to have goods available for delivery at the expected time.
  5. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to arrange transportation of the goods to the customers site if transport has not been arranged through Kooler Ice Australia, its associates or agents.
  6. It is the further responsibility of the purchaser to ensure that transit insurance coverage for the goods is in place.
  7. In the event that upon arrival of the goods at the customer’s site, said goods cannot be delivered as planned for reasons beyond the reasonable control of Kooler Ice Australia, the purchaser agrees to indemnify Kooler Ice Australia and its associates and agents from all expenses incurred in:
  • a. obtaining suitable short-term storage and local transportation of the goods as required,
  • b. further preparing or making good the Site, and
  • c. securing additional travel, accommodation and meals for delivery and installation personnel.


8. These goods are sold subject to the terms and conditions, which is considered the full, complete, and authoritative source of any express and representations and warranties, both implied. Any representation or warranty which has been made or given by or on behalf of Kooler Ice Australia, or any other person interested, directly or indirectly, in Kooler Ice Australia, which is not contained in this deed, shall not be relied upon by the purchaser.