Why Ice Vending?



Be part of this $4 billion dollar industry!

Because of the convenience and quality of ice vending machines, consumers everywhere are quickly choosing ice vending to meet their bagged ice needs.

Kooler Ice machines make, store, bag and dispense FRESH ICE (and water) on demand 24/7 – so customers can purchase ice quickly and conveniently without having to go inside and wait in line. And their popularity is growing!

The product is made on-site by the ice vending machine.

Open 24/7 – without an attendant.

No inventory to be ordered or monitored.

Requires minimal time and maintenance.

Ice & Water Vending are “recession-proof” industries.

Generates immediate cash flow.

Low up-front investment.

No limit to its income potential.

If you already own a business, it is a great way to maximize the return on your current location by adding an additional revenue stream. In addition, an ice vending business is a curb-side convenience to add for your existing customers, and it can also draw new potential customers to your business.

If you are thinking about starting a business, this is a great way to bring in additional income without sacrificing all of your free-time to manage a business. The machines cost around what a car costs, but they begin paying for themselves immediately!